lundi 3 décembre 2007

My comment on 24 Hours !

24 Hours is a very interesting TV show very interesting to watch. I found the series was based on things that can really happen in real life. And the best feature of it, it’s realized in real time: a one hour show represent one hour of our time. It’s like a reality show like Loft Story or Occupation Double. We see all the details of the action. We can put ourselves more easily in the skin of the actor because we can feel more emotion when we watch it. I recommend it very strongly. It’s easy to understand. The vocabulary is simple and the sentences are short and sweet. But we need to watch every episode to really understand the next one. I learned a lot from it. The reason is because I used the English subtitles for the first time. I could really associate words to pictures and understand it much better.

One hour in the life of Jack Bauer

My name is Jack Bauer. Today is the longest day of my life. My wife and my daughter have been kidnapped by a group of terrorists, the same who want to kill the President. They are using me to get their goal. They put my finger prints on the shooter’s gun and when they missed killing the president the first time, the Agency found the gun and all the policemen are running after me now. My wife found a cellular phone and tried to contact me at the agency. Somebody who knew me enough to trust me, Nina from the agency, contacted me. She tried to retrace the call but at the same time, the terrorist discovered my wife who was calling and cut the line just in time before the agency retraced it.

lundi 8 octobre 2007

The second hour in the first 24 hours

The second episode takes place between 1:00 am to 2:00 am on the day of the California Presidential primary. Kimberly's mother and also Jack's wife and Teri were looking for clues about her missing daughter. She discovered that she was whit her friend Janet when that occurred. Almost during the same time, Janet's father called. They decided to join their forces to find their daughters. They discovered that they had entered a store with boys. During this time, Jack received a phone call fromanother agent, who needed him to stop a shooting. He decided to go help him. But during the shooting, the agent was hit very badly and before he died, he gave Jack a secret card. The agent toed him that whit this clues, he would be able to find the double agent instigator of the plot of the presidential primary affair.

What is 24 hours TVshow ?

The 24 hours is a program with a lot of suspense and action. It’s an American series divided into a 24 hour period and the best thing about it, it’s filmed in our time period: one hour of the show corresponds to one of our own hours.

I chose this program because so many people talk to me about this TV show, they made me anxious to watch it. So I decided to rent it and I was surprised how good it was. Now I can’t wait to see the next hour. I hope to learn a lot of new expressions and understand all the meaning of it.

The characteristic of the program is it takes you inside of us so much that you would like to fight with Jack Bauer who is the principal actor in this TV program. Jack Bauer is a brave mean working as secret service agent. The story takes place in the center of Los Angeles. The major conflict on the first hour was that the daughter of Jack disappears.

jeudi 30 août 2007